19 August, 2021
In February-March, the specialists drew up a project-proposal for the construction of the graves of servicemen who died in the 44-day war of 2020 and buried in the military pantheon "Yerablur", as well as a monument that perpetuates their memory.

The leadership of the Ministry of Defence has made a decision to carry out the work in 2 stages.

1. Implementation of construction works on the graves of the memorial complex,

2. Implementation of landscaping, engineering systems and auxiliary structures.

In accordance with the established procedure, contracts were concluded with 4 construction organizations, and, at separate sites for each organization, with previously agreed design solutions, grave construction is currently underway, including the installation of gravestones with approved plans, the installation of a basalt floor, and so on. Although the monuments were designed after discussion with a group of relatives, agreed with the architect, however, some relatives expressed their disagreement.

As a solution to the problem, on behalf of the Minister of Defence, registers have been set up on the spot, where the relatives of the victims can submit their proposals, which will be studied, summarized, and a final decision will be made in a short time.

At the same time, the architect and design organization are developing design and estimate documents for the memorial to the victims, as well as the infrastructure of the Yerablur military pantheon territory, which will include landscaping, asphalting, curb installation, drainage, sewage, electric lighting and video surveillance systems. It is also planned to build a checkpoint, a public toilet, and a general fencing of the territory.

The completion of the preparatory work of the specified architectural, planning and design process in the prescribed manner is provided for at the end of 2021, and the start of construction - in the first or second trimester of 2022, depending on weather conditions.