David Tonoyan’s message

20 November, 2020
Dear compatriots, comrades-in-arms!
Today, after decades of service in the Ministry of Defence and executive branch, I am resigning from the state system.

I sincerely believe that all the ideas that have come to life as a result of the honest and dedicated work of my fellow servicemen during my tenure make a modest contribution to the development and improvement of the defence system of our country. But today it is inappropriate to summarize the results of my activities, since that summary unwillingly became the second Artsakh war. Am I satisfied with my work during the war and in the preparatory phase of it? I think some conceptual directions that I did not manage to implement need to be reconsidered and in this sense I am ready to bear my share of responsibility.

But I assure that the entire personnel of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces were guided by the principle of responsibility to the homeland, sparing nothing for the sake of victory and always doing more than the service and labor duty requires. I would like to express my special thanks and respect to these people. We spent tireless, often 24-hour working days together and not just during this war. And I consider it an honor that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this dedicated team for many years, which will serve the homeland for a long time to come. My conviction is the same: the Armenian army is strong and it will become stronger.

It is twice as difficult for me to resign at the moment, as I am not in the habit of taking the easy and accepted path to avoid getting into a difficult situation, if it is serving or not serving the country and the people on the scales. I was guided by the same principle in the spring of 2018. However, the current situation needs to be eased. And I want my resignation to be perceived in that context.

I bow to the memory of our fallen friends and their relatives and I would like also to apologize to the people whose hopes were not fully realized. But I do not consider my service to the people to be completed.