16 November, 2020
Chairman of the Standing Committee on Defence and Security Issues of the National Assembly Andranik Kocharyan apparently does not have sufficient knowledge regarding his sphere and today, unfortunately, we had one more opportunity to be convinced of that. In particular, Mr. Kocharyan mentioned the following during the briefing with the journalists in the National Assembly. “Today, the commander of our air force is a man who does not fly. There is no such thing in the world. The commander of the air force was appointed by Mr. Tonoyan”.

In fact, the official, who should at least be well aware of the most important issues related to the country's defence, does not even have a basic knowledge regarding the Ministry of Defence. Let us inform Mr. Kocharyan that there are no “air forces” in the structure of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia. Instead, there is an “Aviation Department of the RA Armed Forces” headed by Colonel Gagik Aslanyan. Moreover, especially for Mr. Kocharyan, it should be noted that the head of the Aviation Department of the Armed Forces is appointed not by the Minister of Defence, but by the President of the Republic of Armenia with the mediation of the RA Prime Minister.

We also inform Mr. Kocharyan that head of the Aviation Department of the RA Armed Forces, Colonel Gagik Aslanyan not only “flies”, but he is an active pilot of the first class, flies on four aircrafts, including SU 30- SM, has more than 1,500 flying hours and is rightfully considered professional of the highest class.