Message of Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Onik Gasparyan

27 September, 2020
Generals, officers, sergeants, servicemen, my comrades-in-arms of the glorious Armenian army,
It is time to affirm the glory of the Armenian Armed Forces once again. Our freedom and independence, earned at the cost of the thousands of lives and blood of the best sons of Armenia, are once again under threat.

Azerbaijan, evoking by the multifaceted support of the centuries-old enemy of our nation- Turkey, cannot accept the fact of a crushing defeat in the combat operations it incited  in Artsakh in April 2016 and in the northeastern part of the Republic of Armenia in July 2020 and now it has unleashed a war again. Azerbaijan is currently attacking at the entire length of the frontline of the Defence Army using rocket-artillery and aviation and simultaneously shelling the civilian settlements.

The units of the Defence Army are successfully thwarting its plans causing significant losses to the opponent.

My comrades-in-arms,

I call to continue honorably fulfilling the sacred mission of the defender of the Homeland, relying on the power of our strong arm, ignoring danger and enemy, fighting with unwavering devotion and self-sacrifice.

The brave fighters of the Armenian Army, the time has come to show the courage of your spirit, strength of your arm, boundless hatred towards the remainders of the nomadic and having no fatherland cave tribe.

You are the servicemen of the army having splendid and glorious victories.

Let’s be worthy of the glory of the Armenian weapon and glory of the name.

Our work is fair. We defend the sacred land of our ancestors, our paternal home, our honor and right of our people to live peacefully in a free country.