10 September, 2020 16:07
The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia announces that despite some easing of the anti-epidemic measures being implemented in the territory of the republic, the preventive measures will still be taken, as well as some restrictions will be applied to prevent the penetration of the coronavirus infection in the RA Armed Forces, as well as to keep the fighting capacity of the personnel high.

The restrictions being applied in the Armed Forces are aimed at maintaining the fighting capacity of the personnel. Due to the applicable restrictions, the epidemic situation in the Armed Forces is currently manageable.

The following restrictions will continue to be applied:

-All types of leave and vacation time, visits for the servicemen of the compulsory military service are prohibited;

-Visits to the military facilities, places of permanent deployment, including visiting servicemen who are being treated in the hospitals, are strictly prohibited;

-Contract-based servicemen are instructed to limit and, if possible, exclude contacts with the civilian population, not to participate in the mass events (parties, celebrations, funerals, etc.).

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia once again calls the parents and relatives of the servicemen to stop visiting military units and hospitals, exclude contacts with the servicemen.

A person who is in a secret period of the disease can unconsciously transmit the infection to the servicemen through the visits or contacts, which will lead to the spread of the infection in the Armed Forces and therefore to a decrease of the fighting capacity of the subdivision.

The Ministry of Defence expresses its gratitude to the servicemen’s parents and relatives for understanding the need for the restrictions in the current situation.

Ensuring the fighting capacity of the Armed Forces is the most important task at the moment.