Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan’s congratulatory message on the occasion of Yerkrapah Day

8 May, 2020
It is not a secret that when the Armenian people resolutely stood up to protect and liberate Artsakh from the encroachment of foreigners, we did not have a regular army, strong and well-established Armed Forces. The foundation of everything was laid by the groups of volunteers, devoted sons of Armenia.

On May 8 we celebrate the holiday of these people and this is a wonderful opportunity to thank them once again. We thank the martyrs who gave the most precious thing to the liberation struggle, their lives and the living heroes who continue to live among us, bearing the most valuable title, the honor of being freedom fighters. It was the freedom fighters who took on their shoulders the responsibility to protect the homeland and their compatriots and carry it to the victorious end. Even after the formation of the national army, the defenders of the land did not stop taking direct part in the military operations and, unfortunately, at the cost of the lives of many of them, we had the victories that we have always been proud of and will always be proud of.

Today is the holiday of all the volunteers, former, present and future, because Yerkrapah is not only a structure, it is the foundation of the army, so today is the holiday of the Armenian people who keep the country strong and create victories. The Armenian Army, formed on the basis of Yerkrapah volunteer squads, is strong today both with its regular troops and loyal ones, who firmly hold the back of this army. This fact was once again proved during the April battles.

I would like to express my special gratitude to the parents, widows and children of the fallen freedom fighters, we are grateful for your love and patience. It is our desire and aspiration that all the defenders of the land and their descendants must live in a safe and prosperous country. Today, I assure you that the Armenian Army is fulfilling its mission with all responsibility to keep the borders of our country strong and realizes the value of the heritage it received from the loyal soldiers of the Artsakh Liberation War.

Happy holiday, Yerkrapah, happy holiday, the defender of the Armenian country!