A discussion-consultation was held in the administrative complex of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia

6 Fabruary, 2020
On February 6, a discussion-consultation devoted to the organizing of the operation of “Subdivision 1991” being set up to create high technological solutions in the defense system and to use the professional capabilities of recruits more efficiently during the mandatory military service was held in the administrative complex of the RA Ministry of Defense. The discussion-consultation was chaired by Deputy Minister of Defense Gabriel Balayan.

A number of proposals related to the organization of the activities of the subdivision were discussed during the meeting with the participation of the heads of the domestic military-industrial enterprises. The criteria for selecting recruits who want to join the subdivision, as well as the examination requirements.were predetermined.

The Deputy Minister of Defense urged the participants of the consultation to consider and draw up, within a short period, the draft of the educational program aimed at ensuring continuing education of the fixed-term servicemen to be included in “Subdivision 1991” and for comprehensive professional skills and practical knowledge.

One of the most important aims of “Subdivision 1991” program is to provide continuing education and professional skills to those in military service. Besides, the servicemen of the subdivision will acquire basic and practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to have a job in the relevant subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense after their demobilization.