Message of the RA Defence Minister Suren Papikyan

31 December, 2022 21:30
Dear servicemen, compatriots, relatives of the brave, immortalized in the defence of the borders of the Motherland, we gave yet another year to history.
2022 was marked by a number of achievements in army construction, feats of soldiers and officers, unceasing efforts to preserve the fragile peace, as well as the people's efforts to keep our country standing and invincible.

2022 was a year of many trials and hardships for the Armed Forces. In September, the units of the armed forces resolutely confronted the Azerbaijani military aggression. And now, we celebrate the New Year with contradicting feelings of grief and pride.

The simple realization that the army is the first guarantor of the security of our country and the peaceful existence of our people makes us make the process of army building more efficient, to implement targeted reforms, to make military service more attractive and profitable, to create a flexible and combat-capable army relevant to the 21st century. In this context, I want to speak about two programs that, I am sure, will increase the flow of human resources to the armed forces and bring significant qualitative changes.

The first program is to provide housing for graduates of military educational institutions. Every serviceman who has devoted his life to the army and graduated from a military university will receive a three-room apartment in the capital. This innovation will not only significantly improve the social condition of future servicemen, but will also make their unique mission to protect the motherland more important in the eyes of society, especially the rising generation.

The "Defender of the Motherland" program will enable conscripts to volunteer for the army, to make a smooth transition from conscript service to contractual paid service. We will also promote the introduction of the professional sergeant institute in the army, which has long been established in the armed forces of developed countries, thereby laying the new foundations of a professional army with the strategy of forming combat-ready armed forces.

Within the framework of 2022, I would also like to highlight the frontline furnishing and the works carried out in the direction of replenishing weapons.

Dear compatriots, I cannot say that we are entering 2023 having solved all the problems and overcome all the hardships, but the endless dedication and hard work, our joint forces and loyalty to the idea of a powerful and protected motherland will enable us to walk firmly in the New Year and solve the vital problems we face, confront the most serious challenges. I wish everyone a year of national solidarity and united work. May 2023 be a year of no losses for all of us. May our servicemen keep the borders of the Motherland intact, and may they return home from the army safe and sound. I wish lots of sunshine and happiness to all your families. And I assure you that we are in charge of our destiny, we will fight our future. Long live Armenia, glory to the Armenian Army.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!