The "Erudit" competition type of the "Warrior of Peace" competition was held

19 August, 2022 16:26
The participants of the "Warrior of Peace" competition held in Armenia within the framework of the "International Army Games-2022" tournament measure their strength by demonstrating physical fitness, agility, speed and accuracy. The competition commission also evaluates the knowledge of topics and history related to the activities of the Armed Forces.

On August 18, the "Erudit" competition for testing military history knowledge was held in the "Mother Armenia" military history museum of the RA Ministry of Defence in a testing format. Each test included 80 questions, mostly about the Great Patriotic War, international humanitarian law, geography and culture.

The Russian team surpassed other participants in their knowledge of military history. Belarus is in second place, Kazakhstan is third.

The participants of the "Warrior of Peace" contest laid flowers at the Eternal Flame of the Memorial of the Unknown Soldier, toured the "Mother Armenia" museum, got acquainted with exhibits telling about the remarkable episodes and victories of the Great Patriotic War, representing the heroic pages of the Artsakh War.