Division of Electronic Warfare

About the department's activities

Electronic warfare (EW) is a combination of measures and actions of troops, coordinated by objectives, tasks, places and time, aimed at identifying, destroying, seizing (incapacitating) and electronic impeding of the troops and weapons management systems and means of the opponent, and the electronic protection of own troops (forces) and weapons management systems, as well as the counteracting the opponent's surveillance equipment.

Electric warfare activities are carried out by types of troops and special forces in conjunction with activities aimed at destruction (seizure, incapacitating) of management and radio facilities objects and intelligence, operative camouflage and other types of operative support.

In time of peace, the electronic warfare forces and means on duty conduct surveillance of the opponent's radio electronic devices and the automated management systems of its key facilities, constantly watching them.

The goals of electronic warfare are:

  1. Disorganizing the management systems of the opponent’s troops (forces);
  2. Reducing the efficiency of use of weapons, combat equipment and surveillance equipment by the opponent;
  3. Increasing the performance stability of the management systems and means of own troops’ (forces’) and weapons;

The components of electronic warfare are:

  1. radio electronic suppression,
  2. radio electronic protection,
  3. counteracting the opponent’s surveillance devices.