Monte Melkonyan Military College, which moved to Dilijan in September 2017, has created conditions corresponding to international standards for academic study. Students' education, military training is organized and carried out by highly qualified pedagogues, military educators and coaches. The academic education in the college is organized by the program of high school. It is planned to gradually transfer to the Ararat bachelor's educational program. 

Unlike previous years, the admission of 2017 students was held on a competitive basis. 3 applicants competed for 1 place. In 2017, 83 students were admitted to the college. 

All subjects of the secondary school are taught in the college. The college is unique in its kind as an  educational institution of differentiated profile, unlike the existing general educational institutions. Among the guaranteed profiles in high school, the advantage is the differentiated orientation of the school in terms of specialization. 

The subjects "Preliminary military training", "Physical training" and "Mountain training" are studied in depth. The college offers martial dances and painting classes, and a Tumo Center computer classroom. The Armenian Red Cross Society organized a two-week "First Aid" course at the college in February 2017, which was attended by all students of the college. 

The college has a rich library, which is constantly being replenished with newly published books and educational literature.

At the moment, there are four 10th and 11th grades, two 12th grades, with a total of 176 students. The college cooperates with website, which allows parents to follow the progress of their children.

Teachers help students with their homework, and if necessary, there are individual lessons.

The college has 13 modern classrooms, a gym, a swimming pool that meets international standards, football, basketball and tennis courts.

The academic week is from Monday to Friday.