The results of the "Professional" competition have been summarized

27 August, 2021
On August 26, the third round of the "Professional" military-sports competition of the "Warrior of Peace" contest - "Orientation in terrain" was held in Dilijan.

The participants of the round, exclusively with the help of a map and a compass, overcame an obstacle course established in a difficult mountainous area, making marks on the map at control points. When judging the actions of the participating teams, the refereeing committee took into account the time of overcoming the obstacle and the ability to orientate by marks on the map.

After summing up and comparing the results of all three rounds of the "Professional" competition - "Complex exercises in combat training", "Organization of medical aid", "Orientation in the terrain", the winner of the competition was the team of the RA Armed Forces. The second place is taken by the team of Kazakhstan, the third - by Russia.

Let us remind that in the first competition of the "Warrior of Peace" competition - "Cavalier and Madam", the best result was recorded by the Armenian national team.