21 August, 2021 17:46
In social networks, as well as in some media, a video is being spread, which captures engineering work carried out in the security zone of military unit N of the RA Ministry of Defence, in which the videomaker claims that the servicemen allegedly collected money and rented construction equipment to carry out these works.

The mentioned video was filmed in July of the current year. An official investigation has been appointed on the fact of the video, materials are being prepared in the 8th garrison investigative division of the RA General Military Investigation Department.

The statement made in the video about collecting money for servicemen does not correspond to reality, and the serviceman who made the claim was subjected to a disciplinary penalty.

We once again call on our citizens and media representatives to refrain from disseminating unverified, moreover, false information about the armed forces, and, not to harm the reputation of the army.