Arshak Karapetyan instructed the food supply companies to eliminate the registered deficiencies within a reasonable time

20 August, 2021 18:51
On August 20, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia Arshak Karapetyan met with the representatives of the organizations providing services for the preparation and storage of food products ordered by the Defence Ministry.

During the meeting, the responsibles of the RA Armed Forces Rear Department and the RA Ministry of Defence Military Police presented the violations registered as a result of the inspections, noting that the quality of food and services provided in military units, in some cases, does not meet the requirements of agreements concluded with organizations.

The Minister of Defense harshly criticized the organizations that committed violations during the preparation and storage of food provided to the servicemen, instructed them to completely eliminate all the registered shortcomings within a reasonable time. Arshak Karapetyan ordered the military police to establish daily control in canteens and food warehouses, and to use all legal tools against companies that have committed violations.

Summing up the results of the meeting, Arshak Karapetyan stressed that the quality of food provided to servicemen will remain under his direct control, and urged, realizing the importance of the service of a soldier and officer endangering their lives for the defense of the Homeland, to make every effort to provide them with food.