"Warrior of Peace" competition will be held in Armenia

19 August, 2021 16:42
From August 19 to September 2, the “Warrior of Peace” competition will be held in the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the military-sports event “International Army Games-2021”.

Six countries applied for participation in the competition: Armenia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Greece and the State of Qatar.

The event will take place at the bases of the Monte Melkonyan Military-Sports Lyceum and one of the military units of the RA Armed Forces.

The opening ceremony of the sports competition will take place on August 22, the closing ceremony on September 1. The competitions will be held in Yerevan, Dilijan and Ijevan. The teams of the participating countries will compete in the "Athlete" military sports competition, the "Professional" military professional competition, the "Sniper" fire readiness competition, the "Cavalier and Madam" literary, artistic and dance-music competition, and a competition to test the knowledge of military history "Erudite". The program of the military sports competition will be full of cultural programs, visits to historical, cultural and sightseeing places.