21 July, 2021 15:37
Due to the effective implementation of anti-epidemic measures during the last year, it was possible to ensure a stable, controllable epidemic situation in the Armed Forces.
Although some previous restrictions related to the epidemic have been lifted, but the quarantine regime is still in force in the country, the observance of the rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection is imperative.

Having outlined the importance of ensuring the health of servicemen and the combat readiness of the Armed Forces and taking into account the holding of the ceremony of taking the military oath of allegiance in a number of military units of the Armed Forces, to prevent the penetration and spread of infectious diseases, in particular coronavirus infection among personnel, the following procedure has been established for participation in the oath-taking ceremony:

1 ․ To enter the military unit on the day of the military oath-taking ceremony, the recruit's relatives must present a PCR test with a negative test result conducted no more than 72 hours ago or a passport confirming the coronavirus vaccination (QR code).

2 ․ During the military oath-taking ceremonies of the recruits, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules for preventing coronavirus, in particular, observe social distance, wear masks, disinfect hands, etc.

The same procedure applies in case of visiting servicemen in military units.

We urge relatives of servicemen and other interested persons to understand these limitations. We emphasize once again that the priority is the health of the servicemen and the preservation of the fighting efficiency of the army.