The Head of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces visited the central gathering point

22 June, 2021 15:44
On the occasion of the start of the 2021 summer conscription, on June 22, the Head of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan visited the Central Gathering Point of the Ministry of Defence.

The Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces got acquainted with the current work related to conscription, visited the meeting and reception points for conscripts, followed the drawing of lots, got acquainted with the conditions for organizing conscription at the gathering point, the procedure for conducting medical examination of conscripts.

Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan talked to the conscripts, wished them peaceful service, urged them to treat their service with all responsibility, unconditionally obey the commanders' orders, and observe safety rules. Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan gave relevant instructions to the heads of the responsible subdivisions on organizing the summer conscription at a high level.