23 May, 2021 17:23
As the Ministry of Defencse commented yesterday in response to various media inquiries, the defence department of the Republic of Armenia does not have any information about the presence of at least one Armenian soldier in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Today, referring to the information spread by some media outlets about the presence of 160 Armenian servicemen in Iran, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Armenia issued a statement, which, in particular, says:

"The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Republic of Armenia refutes and considers as false and unfounded the rumors circulating in some Armenian media that 160 Armenian soldiers are in Iran, the Iranian side has provided preconditions for their return."

It should be added that the RA Ministry of Defence had discussions with its Iranian counterparts on the issue months ago, as a result of which the rumors that Armenian servicemen may be in Iran were not confirmed.