Press release

16 May, 2021 10:54
As of the morning of May 16, the situation created after the provocative actions of the Azerbaijani armed forces in some border areas of the Syunik and Gegharkunik regions of the Republic of Armenia did not change.

At night, the Azerbaijani side tried to carry out some work on rear support, which was prevented by the Armenian subdivisions.

It should be reminded that in all three areas, where the Azerbaijani armed forces tried to achieve positional advancement, all possible support routes are under the full control of the Armenian armed forces, that is, they are deprived of the opportunity to replenish their weapons and other means.

The situation is stable, representatives of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan do not carry out any fortification work and do not make attempts to aggravate the situation.

As we have already informed, negotiations on a peaceful settlement of the current situation will continue today, at 14:00.