24 February, 2021 21:35
On February 24, an article was published on the website, which mentions the name of the First Deputy Head of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Tiran Khachatryan.

During a telephone conversation with a representative of this media, Lieutenant General Tiran Khachatryan said that one should not talk on such topics and draw conclusions, after which the journalist quoted Colonel General Movses Hakobyan's assessment that it was possible, which caused Tiran Khachatryan to laugh.

In the article, the journalist obviously did not fully present, and in fact, distorted the content of the telephone conversation, causing a misunderstanding among the readers, which can be described as an information provocation.

We once again urge media representatives and citizens to refrain from such conversations and discussions related to the military sphere, as they can cause significant damage to the Armed Forces and the security of our country.