The message of the Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Colonel-General Onik Gasparyan

28 January, 2021
Dear comrades-in-arms,
Today is the 29th anniversary of the formation of our armed forces. We celebrate this day of historic significance for each of us with a sense of bitterness, but our hearts are also filled with pride.

On September 27, 2020, the armed forces accepted the challenge with honor and after 44 days of heroic resistance, they carried out the tasks set before them, fighting against the enemy forces, which exceeded them many times over, causing him numerous losses.

In this unequal struggle, the Armenian armed forces, unfortunately, also suffered irreparable losses, but the enemy will remember for a long time the determination, endurance, courage of our soldier and officer, their unbreakable will to fight to the end and unconditional loyalty. On the battlefield, our comrades-in-arms performed miracles, writing their names in golden letters in the pages of Armenian history. The heroism of the soldier and the officer of the Armenian Army will never be forgotten, our people will appreciate his heroic sons.

We are often criticized today, but we should not despair. We understand that more was expected of us ... Our compatriots were full of boundless faith in the Armenian army and I can say with all responsibility that we remained faithful to the oath to the end and fulfilled our sacred duty to the state and to the people.

Thank you for upholding the honor of the nation and for your unparalleled feats.

The army has no right to be depressed. The soldier, the officer, the general can only bow his head beforef the sacred memory of our fallen comrades and their relatives, and now, more than ever, the army needs trust and comprehensive support.

No matter how difficult and complicated it is, we continue to carry out the sacred task of defending the Motherland by organizing combat duty in new areas, taking effective measures to restore the army's combat readiness.

I am sure that 2021 will open a new page for the army to improve its combat capabilities.

And I assure those who are desperate, those who have lost confidence in us, those who criticize us by various forces, and sometimes even those who openly insult us, that the Armenian army will quickly recover from its wounds and show the strength of its arm to the enemy.

We must always remember that the enemy is at the gates of our house, he has not given up his insidious intention to destroy the Armenian homes.

The Army is the force that can and must stand firm and stop the encroachments of the enemy. No one will do it for us.

On this holy day, let us congratulate each other on Army Day and promise to our fallen friends that we will continue their unfinished work, we will spare no effort and with daily hard work will make the army more powerful and tirelessly fight to defend our national and state interests.

I am convinced that the Armenian army will still have many glorious victories, adhering to the best Armenian military traditions.

Congratulations, Armenian Army!

Eternal glory to our friends who died for the Motherland!