The Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia visited the second army military formation

17 November, 2020
On November 17, Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia David Tonoyan visited the second army military formation to get acquainted with the current tactical situation in the given direction of the border, with the activities of regrouping, displacement and redistribution of the troops according to the change of the lines.

Commander of the military formation, Major General A. Harutyunyan reported and presented in detail the changes on the map that will gradually be made in the lines occupied before the war to the RA Minister of Defence, as well as all the main measures that will ensure the inviolability and inaccessibility of the state border.

The commander of the military formation also touched upon the large-scale activities being carried out to solve the problems of the logistic support of the personnel returned from the combat operations and organization of their rest.

The Minister of Defence met and talked with the officers and servicemen who had returned from the combat shift and who had taken part in the Artsakh war. David Tonoyan thanked them for keeping the front sector entrusted to them steadfastly, for their selfless service and heroic deeds, assuring that we will value everyone's true worth, that in this cruel patriotic war imposed on the Armenian people, every fighter of our army acted bravely and without fear, fulfilled the assigned combat tasks perfectly, even defending the Homeland at the cost of life.

The Minister of Defence inquired about the problems of the servicemen who fought in the hardest directions of the frontline and returned to the place of permanent deployment, their combat and moral-psychological state and many heroic episodes that became a reality thanks to the competent actions of our artillerists, tankers, scouts, anti-tank and all other units. It is noteworthy that the female commanders also excelled in their leadership skills on the battlefield.

The Minister also met with the parents gathered at the entrance of the military unit, who had come to see their heroic children returned from the battles. David Tonoyan thanked them for the birth and upbringing of the patriotic children, loyal defenders of the Homeland and answered their questions. Referring to the issue of granting leave to the servicemen returned from the combat duty, the Minister assured the servicemen’s parents that starting from December 1, after the completion of the redisposition activities of the personnel, the commanders of the military units will quickly and systematically deal with the issues related to the proper organization of leave for the servicemen.

Then, the Minister of Defence visited one of the military units of air defence of the Armed Forces, where he was also informed about the actions of the servicemen of this unit during the war and significant scales of losses of manpower and military equipment of the opponent inflicted by them, assuring that the personnel did everything possible and impossible to keep the air gates of our country inaccessible.