The message of the RA Ministry of Defence and the General Staff of the Armed Forces

10 November, 2020
Dear compatriots!
On September 27, a war was unleashed against Artsakh, which was unprecedented in terms of the forces, means, quantity and type of the armament involved. It was unprecedented also in the sense that our army was, in fact, fighting not only against the 10 million-strong Azerbaijani armed forces, but also against Turkey’s direct military participation and full and unconditional political, military and diplomatic support, as well as against the several thousand mercenary terrorists.

In these conditions, our army did everything possible and impossible to resist the opponent. Every serviceman, officer and general of the Armenian army did his best for the defence of the Homeland, devoting himself to that struggle and creating many heroic stories. This war took away from us our best sons, whose memory will forever remain in the hearts of all of us as real heroes of our time.

Each of you must be sure, no one should have the slightest doubt that our army has done everything possible and impossible. We have once again proved that we have courageous servicemen, officers and generals who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the defence of our holy Homeland without a second thought.

But it is time to stop the bloodshed. The political leaderships of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan reached an agreement and you have already got acquainted with its content. The war is not fully over and the combat operations still continue in Artsakh. Nevertheless, we support and we are obliged to fulfill the decisions of our country’s military-political leadership, which were made on the comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the situation. We are obliged to stop the bloodshed. We are obliged to find the bodies of all our heroes and bury them with military honor. We are obliged to soothe the pain of our mothers who have given birth to heroes and heal the wounds of the injured. We are obliged to restore the potential of our army and strengthen it, turning it into a state-of-the-art and super-efficient fist. There is too much to do. The war is ending. The army has done what it should do and will continue to do that unconditionally.

We call to refrain from the actions that could undermine the foundations of the statehood and, learning lessons from all the possible mistakes made, create an incomparably strong and efficient army, which our heroic people deserve.