Press release

9 November, 2020 11:52
According to the information received from the Defence Army of Artsakh, on the night of November 8-9, the Defence Army units fought defensive battles in the southeastern, southern and southwestern directions of the frontline. The intensive battles took place in the Shushi-Qarin Tak sector against the detected enemy groups, as a result of which the latter, losing a large number of forces, retreated.

The Armenian troops occupied more favorable lines. During the mentioned period, 1 tank, 4 units of vehicles and 8 UAVs of the enemy forces were destroyed in the different directions of the frontline. As a result of the operations in the southwestern part, the army units confiscated 1 enemy tank and artillery assets. Throughout the combat operations, the opponent continued to target the peaceful settlements of the Republic of Artsakh delivering aviation, rocket and artillery strikes.

In the morning, the attempts of the enemy forces to attack resumed in all the main directions of the frontline.

The operative-tactical situation is under the control of the Defence Army units.