The congratulatory message of Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Onik Gasparyan on the occasion of the Independence Day

21 September, 2020
Dear compatriots, friends dedicated to the military service, servicemen, today is one of the most important holidays of our country – the Independence Day.

Independence has been a blissful desire of our forefathers, grandparents and parents for centuries and, unfortunately, it has not been inherited to us from generation to generation, so each generation led its own struggle, made its own contribution sometimes winning incredible victories, sometimes suffering losses and losing a significant part of their native land. When the Armenians were leading a battle for life or death to maintain the small part of our homeland in the 1990s, they proved that they deserve and must have an independent state, the  Motherland of all the Armenians around the world.

We, the military, are well aware that we are the guarantors of the independence today, we are the guardians of our collective achievement for centuries. When we keep and protect every inch of our homeland, we know that the ancestral glances, hopes of our parents and children are directed at us. And this is not a burden, this is not a difficulty, this is a force that makes our will more invincible, a pride for which we will spare nothing.

Undoubtedly, we will live, act and create in an independent country, making it more prosperous, powerful and protected day by day. Every inch of Armenia and Artsakh is our homeland, from our home to the positions on the border and we will continue to stand firm and unwavering, never allowing the homeland to sway under the feet of the Armenians.

Happy Independence Day!