Minister of Defense of Armenia David Tonoyan's congratulatory message on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the National Hero of Armenia Tatul Krpeyan

21 April, 2020
"I am ready to die for the land right now. For the land and nation ”. These are the words of National Hero of the Republic of Armenia Tatul Krpeyan, which embody not only his faith and heroic life, but also our liberation struggle and ideology of our generation that won the Artsakh struggle for existence.

Tatul Krpeyan was one of the brightest faces of the Artsakh Movement. The student of the Faculty of History of Yerevan State University was one of the first to join the demand to reunite Artsakh with Armenia. He became a member of the "Miatsum" (“Unification”) organization.

When the border clashes started, Tatul Krpeyan continued his struggle with the weapons. He headed the self-defense of the sub-district Getashen.

Along with defending the homeland with the weapon in his hand, Tatul Krpeyan was teaching history at the schools in Getashen, he was writing poems and dreaming about a strong, just and protected Armenia.

Tatul Krpeyan was killed on April 30, 1991, during the notorious "Ring" operation carried out by the collapsing Soviet Army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Soviet Azerbaijan.

National Hero of the Republic of Armenia Tatul Krpeyan left a message to the future generations of Armenians to put the most precious thing on the scale of salvation of the homeland and great symbol of national unity. His attractive image of an intellectual hero will inspire and encourage many generations of Armenians.