Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Artak Davtyan’s congratulation on Yura Poghosyan's birthday

8 April, 2020
April 8 is the birthday of national hero of Armenia Yura Poghosyan. On that occasion, I congratulate the relatives of the great Armenian and the entire Armenian people.

They say the war takes the best ones. The same is true for Yuri. He was a wonderful soldier, strong commander, reliable and selfless friend, exemplary son and father.

Yura Poghosyan was a knowledgeable and talented person who could have found his place in any field, but he dedicated his life to the struggle for the liberation of the homeland and used his knowledge and skills for that very idea. Although he had three young children, he fought with courage because he knew that he was responsible for the peaceful and secure future for his and others’ children, which would not have been possible without the victorious end of the fight.

The national hero of Armenia participated in almost all the battles of the self-defense forces of Artsakh and made weapons with his own hands. He was a soldier and a commander, as well as a spy and a sapper. Unfortunately, he died during the battle and never enjoyed the peace he had dreamed of, but he witnessed the liberation of Shushi, which was already the start of the big victory.

Glory to you, Hero! You have forever left your name in our history and memory.