David Tonoyan’s clarification on the anti-epidemic measures in the Armed Forces

26 March, 2020 15:06
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the Armed Forces, we have carried out the large-scale medical preventive activities, creating the necessary conditions for the servicemen to avoid the infection. However, it is not possible to prevent the penetration of the infection into the army, as a large number of servicemen are in daily contact with the civilians.

On March 25, the three servicemen not involved in the combat tasks were tested. They tested positive for COVID-19. One of family members of one of the servicemen had been tested positive earlier. The confirmed cases are interconnected and are related to one of the virus hotbeds in the country. Taking into account the epidemiological studies, the servicemen had been isolated beforehand, which significantly reduced the risk of further spread of the infection.

The servicemen are now hospitalized, their health condition is satisfactory and no one has pneumonia. One of them has a slight increase in body temperature, two others do not have any symptoms characteristic of the disease.

I assure you that the servicemen with the symptoms of coronavirus disease receive high-quality and effective medical care and their lives are not in danger.

At the same time, the circle of contacts of the servicemen has been discovered. Those who contacted them are isolated. They are provided with the necessary conditions. 32 servicemen have been tested.

The most severe anti-epidemic measures are being taken in the military unit that is located at a considerable distance from the frontline, the medical monitoring is being carried out.

At the same time, I consider it necessary to emphasize once again that Artsakh Defense Army has not recorded yet a single case with a symptom of coronavirus disease.

The large-scale preventive measures continue to be taken in the Armed Forces of Armenia. The strict restrictions are being applied in all the military units to prevent the penetration of the infection and the daily monitoring of the health status of the servicemen is being held. As a result of the anti-epidemic measures and strict restrictions being applied in the Armed Forces during the last month, the number of cases of other equally dangerous infectious diseases has decreased sharply, which clearly indicates the effectiveness of the preventive measures.

I am confident that we will succeed on this front as well.