A brief report on calls to hotline of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia in 2019

12 Fabruary, 2020
During 2019, the Ministry of Defense received 46163 calls to hotline in total. The number of calls received in 2019 is about 12% higher than the number in 2018 (41125 calls). There was a significant increase in the number of calls to the MoD hotline received in June-July. The number of calls received daily exceeded 200.

The RA MoD hotline also received 10245 calls on non-business days and hours, 18% of total calls received. For non-business days and hours, the system provides an option to leave a message which is then checked by the operator.

The average data on incoming calls received during 2019 are as follows:

  • Average call duration: 00: 03: 41
  • Maximum call duration: 01: 05: 06
  • Average wait time for connecting to operators: 00: 01: 01
  • Number of missed calls as a percentage of the total: 21%:

Immediately after receiving the call, hotline operators classify it by type of question/problem.

In 2009, information/advisory questions were dominated (32% ), questions on the laws of the Republic of Armenia, contacts, application process and providing other information. The calls were made on the issues related to the health status of servicemen, transfer of servicemen from one military unit to another, failure to provide necessary supplies in the military units, non-transfer of vacation funds, non-refunds, quality of food. The hotline operators registered issues related to the salary, bonuses, vacation, transfers and dismissal of military service of the servicemen and officers, as well as the organization and conduct of conscription.

In 2019, as a result of the work of the RA MoD hotline, many cases were transferred to the Military Police of the Ministry of Defense on the basis of which materials were prepared.

Every complaint to the MoD hotline is under the daily attention of the Ministry of Defense.

The report on calls to hotline of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia during 2019