Press release

5 February, 2020
In connection with the article "A few months before the death of the soldier an alert has been received that the sons of the officials offend others in the military unit: New situation" published in “Zhoghovurd” daily on February 5, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Artsakh informs:

On October 30, 2019, an alert was received from one of the relatives (aunt) of the soldier of the mandatory military service of the mentioned military unit, ordinary H. Ch.. According to her, the soldier was regularly being beaten by the soldiers of the same military unit and made an attempt to escape.

Immediately after the alert, a military investigation was conducted by the command of the military unit, as well as they contacted the relatives of the above mentioned soldier for the clarification of the circumstances of the appeal. The Department of the Military Police of Stepanakert prepared materials, a criminal case was instituted which was transferred to the garrison investigation department and then it was dismissed on the grounds of the absence of the crime.