Message of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, Lieutenant-General Artak Davtyan on the Birthday of National Hero of Armenia Movses Gorgisyan

3 December, 2019
"Mourning is eternal if there is no struggle." With this belief, prominent politician, publicist Movses Gorgisyan led the newly emerging Karabakh movement. He was the first to unveil the Armenian tricolor in 1988 and announced: "Long live the Armenia that will come tomorrow!"

He led the people's dream of having an independent and sovereign Armenia, and then continued the struggle on the battlefield. He became one of the pioneers of the armed struggle, and one of the first to fell with a gun in his arms.

I congratulate the Armenian people on the birthday of National Hero Movses Gorgisyan. He is the kind of Armenian who is always in need.

Glory and honor to you, hero!