Soldiers Insurance Fund to pay compensations for 2008-14 cases

22 March, 2019 16:20
On 22 March, the Soldiers Insurance Fund’s Board of Trustees held its first meeting of 2019 at the Ministry of Defence. It was presided over by the Board’s chairman, Minister of Defence Davit Tonoyan.

Varuzhan Avetikyan, the Fund’s executive director, presented a summary report on the compensations paid by and donations made to the Fund since the beginning of 2018, pointing out that the Fund has generated more than AMD 14 billion, while it has paid AMD 941 million in compensations.

The Board of Trustees unanimously passed a decision that starting 1 April 2019, compensations will  also be provided to the families of the servicemen killed on the line of duty between 2008, as well as to those servicemen who have acquired disability in the mentioned period.

Prior to this, the Fund’s Board of Trustees approved on 9 August 2018 the decision on providing compensations with regard to 2015-16 cases. In addition, a decision was made to discuss next year the possibility of paying out compensations for cases that occurred before 2008.

Speaking about the works done and the money raising procedures, the board members noted that last year, the funds generated from asset management exceeded the amount of compensation paid out, which again demonstrates that the Soldiers' Insurance Fund is working very effectively.

The programme continues to successfully operate in a very transparent manner and full accountability to the public.