Defence minister, chief of General Staff pay tribute at Yerablur

2 April, 2018
Armenian Defence Minister Vigen Sargsyan and Chief of the General Staff Col. Gen. Movses Hakobyan, accompanied by high-ranking military officers visited the Yerablur Military Cemetery on 2 April to pay tribute to the memory of those heroically killed in the four-day military operations of April 2016.

They attended the religious service conducted by Bishop Vrtanes Abrahamyan. They also put flowers on the graves of Sparapet Vazgen Sargsyan and General Andranik Ozanyan as well as on the memorial of the Artsakh Liberation War heroes.

Minister Sargsyan then took questions from journalists: "Building an army is a constant process like building statehood. People who think everything has been done for this stage should pave way for the new process with their new ideas. I think our army building is an exceptional story. It is a story of creating a state and a victorious army. No matter how tragic and painful the April events were in terms of losing our compatriots, no other form of protecting the county has been invented yet in the world. Military service has always been associated with danger and sacrificing life for ​​defending the country. I think we have come to realize that the protection of the country is a lifestyle of the whole country, the government and the society, and I think it is the core of our further steps, programmes goals that we must implement to defend our country and its tremendous heritage as a Nation-Army. We have and will work consistently to raise our combat readiness and to maintain the reputation of our army at the level we had after the end of the Karabakh war, and I think we must always be able to overcome the challenges that may arise in the complex geopolitical realities of the 21st century," Sargsyan said.

Chief of General Staff Col. Gen. Hakobyan also spoke about the April four-day battle and the army’s combat readiness. "The April war became a great lesson and test for retaliating the adversary's possible actions and use of new armaments. During the past two years, a great deal of work was done to fix the problems that arose during the April operations. The adversary will never be able to carry out such an operation again. This doesn’t mean we can rest: army and war are things that are constantly looking for new ways to gain supremacy over the adversary, and we are working in that direction as well," he said.