Congratulatory speech of Defence Minister of RA M. Haroutunyan on the occasion of opening ceremony of English language classroom in the humanitarian demining center of the MOD RA

22 May, 2007 00:00
22 մայիսի, 2007թ.

Հարգարժան պարոն դեսպան,
Հարգելի հյուրեր, զինվորականներ

Honourable Ambassador, Dear guests, servicemen It is a joyous day for us: we are going to open English language classroom in the humanitarian demining center of the MOD RA, which has been possible to establish with the considerable support and sponsorship of the Peacekeeping English Project of the British Council. We have witnessed the opening of similar English language classrooms in the Military Institute, peacekeeping battalion and at the senior officers’ courses. It is noteworthy that hundreds of officers, NCOs and cadets have passed English language training in the aforementioned classrooms. Presently, these servicemen successfully perform in multinational environment and have their contribution in the international peacekeeping efforts. English language training is one of the primary preconditions and instruments to provide the implementation of Armenia’s Armed Forces reforms. Therefore we highly value the role of English language classrooms within Armenian Armed Forces. Furthermore, the increasing number of English classrooms within Armenian Armed Forces is the brilliant example of Armenian-British effective defence cooperation. In the end, I wish to express my word of appreciation to the Ambassador of the UK to Armenia Anthony Cantor and to the entire personnel of the Peacekeeping English Project in the person of the project coordinator in Armenia Mr. Tony Crocker. I am convinced that cooperation between the Ministry of Defence of RA and the British Council will enhance and develop in the upcoming future. I wish productive work for the classroom.