17 May, 2023 22:35
Dear compatriots and media representatives, during border incidents and tension on the front line, when unfortunately, a soldier is killed or wounded by the enemy fire, some media outlets and social media users, once they receive the information via certain, oftentimes unspecified and incorrect ways, hurry to publicize the information.
The Ministry of Defence has frequently urged media outlets and social media users to wait for an official report on the cases in question, for the Ministry of Defence publishes statements only after multiple verifications and informing the family members of the fallen soldier in a prescribed manner.
Today, as in previously, one of the media hastened to publish incorrect information, noting that the fallen soldier was from Shirak province. Parents of the servicemen from Shirak called the hotline of the Ministry of Defence, trying to clarify the information.
The Ministry of Defence once again urges the media and social media users not to hurry and disseminate information in such situations, thus putting additional stress on the servicemember’s parents. Instead, it is strongly urged to follow the official news only. The Ministry of Defence keeps the public informed on the front line situation in a proper manner.