The Invincibles

19 September, 2022 19:00
On September 13, 2022, at about 00:10, with the support of intense tank and artillery fire, the enemy, with the forces of more than 50 Special Forces, organized an attack on one of the combat positions of the defence zone of N military unit, attacking in two directions at the same time.
After several hours of resisting the enemy, assessing the unequal conditions of the battle, senior of the combat position, conscript, junior Sergeant Yesayi Yanes Arziev decided to break through and deploy with the servicemen of the position at the approaches to a neighboring position to conduct a more effective fire and repel the enemy. However, after the breakthrough, he discovered that the indicated combat position was already under the control of the enemy, and there were a lot of forces there.
Junior Sergeant Arziyev carried out a wise evasion and gave the coordinates of the of Azerbaijani servicemen clusters to the higher command. A little later, the enemy was hit with artillery, due to which the Azerbaijani unit was almost completely destroyed.
During this operation, Junior Sergeant Yesayi Yanes Arziyev, who continues to serve the Motherland with glory, as well as the artillery subdivision of the military unit, demonstrated brilliant skills.