Defence Minister Suren Papikyan took part in the graduation ceremony of the graduates of MEIs

2 September, 2022 16:08
The graduation ceremony of the 2022 graduates of the military educational institutions of the RA Ministry of Defence took place at the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University of the RA Ministry of Defence. After the prayer of the spiritual leader of the RA Armed Forces, graduates were handed graduation documents and officer daggers.

RA Minister of Defence Suren Papikyan welcomed and congratulated the young officers. In his speech, the head of the defence department specifically noted that the Armed Forces are being replenished with educated officers, who should take the command path in the Armenian army that has won victories, overcome many experiences, and survived wars. Now more than ever, it needs officers who are educated, fully proficient in their work, serving the motherland with great devotion, armed with knowledge of the latest technologies.

"Being an officer is an honor and a great mission. You are also undertaking the extremely responsible and honorable mission of educating our mandatory conscripts, loving the motherland, protecting it, and mastering weapons and military profession. I congratulate you on receiving the rank of officer, I wish you health, strength and stamina for the peaceful and smooth implementation of your patriotic mission. The army we dream about, which requires unconditional dedication and hard work, will soon become a reality," said Suren Papikyan.

Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, First Deputy Minister of Defence, Major General Edward Asryan also congratulated the graduates and wished them good luck.

The event ended with a performance of the Honor Guard company of the RA Armed Forces.