The final round of the "Warrior of Peace" competition was held

23 August, 2022 19:42
As part of the "Warrior of Peace" international competition, on August 23, the literature and art contest "Mr. and Mrs." was held at the Military Sports Academy named after Monte Melkonyan.
National teams presented music, dance and recitation performances in national costumes. The jury, whose members are cultural figures, decided the winner of the given round. The team representing the Armed Forces of Armenia is in first place.

As a continuation of the literature and art contest, national pavilions were also opened, where various cultural exhibits, national dishes were presented.

"Warrior of Peace" competition rounds have ended. After reviewing the results, the leading teams will be determined by the total count, and the names of the servicemen with the best results will be announced.

The closing ceremony of the competition will take place on August 25.