"Warrior of Peace" competition has started in Armenia

15 August, 2022 19:22
On August 15, the opening ceremony of the "Warrior of Peace" competition held within the framework of the "International Army Games-2022" tournament was held at the Monte Melkonyan Military Sports Academy, which was attended by the Chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces, Major General Edward Asryan, high-ranking representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces, heads of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in RA and military attachés.

Welcoming the participants of the competition, Major General Edward Asryan expressed confidence that the teams will demonstrate professionalism, a high degree of combat and tactical training.

"The contestants are the best, they have gone through the difficult path of pre-selection, earning the honor of representing the armed forces of their countries in an honest fight. The "Warrior of Peace" competition will be a true celebration of combat brotherhood and courage and will contribute to the strengthening of international military cooperation," Edward Asryan said in his welcome speech.

The representatives of the Armed Forces of the Republics of Armenia, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan participate in the "Warrior of Peace-2022" competition. The "Warrior of Peace" international competition of military professional skills of servicemen is held within the framework of the "International Army Games" tournament, according to the decision of the Council of Defence Ministers of the CIS member states and in accordance with the bilateral cooperation plans of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation and the Ministries of Defence of the CIS member states. "Warrior of Peace" is held in the Republic of Armenia for the fifth year in a row.