A scientific-practical discussion was held at the NDRU

15 April, 2022 18:02
From April 11 to 14, an expert scientific and applied discussion was held at the National Defence Research University of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, which was attended by members of the delegation of the Center for Strategic Studies of the US Department of Defence "Middle East-South Asia" headed by the head of the Center, Dr., Professor Roger Kangas.

During the four-day discussions, members of the delegation presented reports and lectures on international and regional security, modern wars, the American military educational system and other topics.

Representatives of NDRU also delivered lectures.

Following the event, the head of the NDRU, Major General Gennady Tavaratsyan highlighted the importance of exchanging professional opinions of specialists of the NDRU and foreign partners on strategic and security developments, highly appreciated the significance and effectiveness of such discussions.