A regular meeting of the Public Council under the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Armenia was held

1 March, 2022 17:12
On February 28, a regular meeting of the Public Council under the RA Minister of Defence was held. Among other issues, the meeting discussed the results of the work of the Committee for the Consideration of Citizens' Applications and Complaints during the winter conscription in 2021.

Of the 126 complaints received by the committee, 122 concerned the examination and evaluation of the state of health of conscripts, and 4 - issues of deferral for family reasons.

The committee processed 70 complaints. The competent authorities were provided with certain recommendations and considerations for their solutions, the need for verification, completion and re-evaluation of medical examination data was substantiated.

As a result, 33 conscripts were sent for information checks, 7 conscripts were declared unfit, 2 were temporarily unfit for military service. 12 conscripts were granted deferrals for treatment, 1 conscript for family reasons. In addition, the call of 20 conscripts was suspended in connection with their additional examination and re-examination. This process will be completed during the next conscription.

The significant influence of the results of private medical examinations of citizens on the validity of the committee's decisions was also emphasized. In this regard, it was proposed to legislate the reimbursement by the state of financial expenses incurred by citizens if this medical examination or consultation was the basis for declaring a conscript unfit for military service or postponing treatment.

During the meeting, the reports of the members of the Public Council on the implementation of work programs related to the Armed Forces were heard, as well as issues of coordination and ensuring the work of the Council were discussed.