19 October, 2021
On October 18, the RA Human Rights Defender made a note, in which there is a reference to the fortification and other works carried out by the representatives of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, who penetrated into some areas of the Gegharkunik region of the RA in May this year. This statement contains a number of inaccuracies, as well as allegations that are out of touch with reality.

In particular, the ombudsman's statement says that "the Azerbaijani armed forces which invaded the RA Gegharkunik region, built large shelters, accumulated a large amount of firewood, and paved the roads leading to their positions. Their activity has recently increased sharply. Moreover, they continue to build new roads, increase the number of servicemen and armaments in the positions. Active engineering work and work to strengthen positions are constantly being carried out.” These allegations in the ombudsman's post are obviously exaggerated, as the Azerbaijani Armed Forces do not carry out active engineering work, do not build large shelters or new roads, moreover, their attempts to carry out such work are successfully suppressed by the units of the RA Armed Forces. As for the statement on the increase of the number of Azerbaijani servicemen and weapons, it should be noted that the whole movement of Azerbaijani servicemen is controlled by the subdivisions of the Armenian Armed Forces, no such process has been registered recently.

We urge, when writing such posts on topics sensitive to our society, to clarify the factual data also with the defense department, which, both during this period and in the future, is ready for the closest cooperation with the ombudsman's office.