Arshak Karapetyan met with Armenian Diaspora benefactors

8 October, 2021 18:08
On October 8, Arshak Karapetyan, the Minister of Defence of Armenia received the benefactors of the Armenian Diaspora in the administrative complex of the ministry, they donated a batch of light SUVs to the defence ministry, as well as the ministries of the Emergency Situations and Environment.

Greeting the guests, Arshak Karapetyan assured that even though the most is done to equip the Armed Forces with the necessary vehicles, however such manifestations of readiness to support the defense of the homeland are welcome and at the same time strengthen the army-society connection.

For the continuous support to the Armed Forces, by the order of the Defence Minister, the benefactors were awarded with the “For Strengthening Cooperation” medal.

The departmental medals were handed to the benefactors by the Deputy Defence Minister Arman Sargsyan.