Mechanised Infantryman


Mechanised subdivisions are the basis of mechanised units and perform the following tasks: when in defence: retaliating the adversary attacks; hitting the attacking troops; maintaining the occupied areas, lines and positions; when attacking: breaking the adversary defence; destroying the adversary troops in defence; capturing key areas, facilities and lines; force crossing reservoirs; pursuing retreating the adversary’s retreating troops; conducting counter battles.

These tasks are achieved by:

  • High combat skills.
  • Conscientious performance of military duty, persistence; courage, bravery and willingness of the crew to achieve a complete victory over the enemy under any circumstances.
  • Knowing your subordinates, maintaining personal contact with them, paying attention to their daily combat life and needs, rigor.
  • Educating the subordinates in the spirit of the righteousness of our cause, dedication to the homeland and the people.

In the present-day challenging circumstances of combined arms battles, success depends on combat skills. It is achieved through tense military training, which is the main task of the day-to-day operation of the army in time of peace and continuing during the pauses between combat operations.

Combat training is taught through a variety of subjects, the most important of which is the Tactics.

Tactics teaches the art of organising and conducting battles.

Key features

  • Military education or special training.
  • Excellent physical and mental health.
  • Moral and psychological stability.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Military discipline.

Daily duties

Trainees of the Commanding Mechanised Infantry Subdivisions must know the basics of modern combined arms battles, the combat bylaws of the land forces, be able to use them creatively and reasonably in the determination of combat assignments, maintain superior combat readiness of the subdivision, have advanced tactical thinking and high organisational skills, posses strong commander will, be initiative in planning operations, be able to confidently command the subdivision in a modern combined arms battle, be able to organise and conduct tactical and firing exercises consistent with the right methodology.

Where to apply

If you want a career of a homeland defender, get a relevant education and join the Armenian Armed Forces as a commander of a mechanised infantry unit, apply to the Vazgen Sargsyan Military University, Department of Combined Arms.