Scouts are professional servicemen who serve in scout and special units of land forces.

If the artillery was considered the god of war in the past, the scouting was and still is considered the army's eyes and ears.

The purpose of scouting is to gather information about the enemy, the area, and the enemy’s further actions.

Those devoted to the nation serve in the scouting subdivisions. They are ready to jump into the fray any minute and to sacrifice their lives and health for the homeland and the bright future.

Rapid combat actions require from today's scouts to be in flawless physical shape, to have mastery of different types of weapons and vehicles (including those of the enemy), speak the enemy’s language and use computers and other technical equipment.

Key features

  • Education at a military educational institution or a special training.
  • Excellent physical training.
  • Analysing capabilities.
  • Perfect command of professional expertise.

Daily duties

  • Tactical and speciality training consistent with the combat readiness programme, as well as out-of-school training in accordance with the combat task (fire training, physical training, martial arts, etc.).
  • Performance of the combat task based on the objective (SECRET).

Heroes of the profession

  • Captain Zorik Gevorgyan (killed on 2 August 2014 during the retaliation of the enemy subversive subdivision’s intrusion attempt).
  • Junior Sergeant Sasun Mkrtchyan (killed in action against the enemy subversive subdivision during the Four-Day War in April 2016).
  • Major Sargis Stepanyan (received multiple shrapnel wounds and lost the right hand and two legs when attempting to remove a wounded friend out of the minefield).

Where to apply

If you want a career of a homeland defender, to get a relevant education in a specialised educational institution and join the Armenian Armed Forces as a scout subdivision commander, apply to the MOD V. Sargsyan Military University, Department of Combined Arms.