1. The procedure for admission to the "Monte Melkonyan Military College" Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the College) is defined by this.

2. Admission to the College is open in July-August of each year.

3. Admission to the College is organized by the head of the College.

4. The admission process of the College is supervised by the board of trustees of the College.


An admissions committee is set up, led by the head of the College, every year by March 15 to organize the admission to the College.

The Admissions Committee may include members of the College Board of Trustees, representatives from the relevant departments of the RA Ministries of Defence, Education and Science, partner schools, as well as invited independent specialists.

The composition of the Admissions Committee and the  Professional Examination Committee of the College are approved by the Board of Trustees of the College.

When organizing and conducting the admission the members of the Committee and the  Professional Examination Committee do not participate in the decision-making or self-exclude in order to exclude undesirable speculations in case of conflict of interests, side interventions, other circumstances hindering the competition procedure, and unnecessary suspicions from the outside observer. The self-excluded person is replaced by another member by the decision of the Board of Trustees. 

By March 20 of the same year, the chairman of the Admissions Committee of the College announces in the press and on TV , as well as posts the text about the admission of the College on the websites of the College and the Ministry of Defence.

The text of the application for admission to the College includes a sample application form, the list of required documents, the deadlines for their submission, the location of the entrance examination, the examination procedure, the schedule, a sample contract between the school and the student's parent.

Only male citizens of the Republic of Armenia studying in the 9th grade of educational institutions implementing general education programs, whose age does not exceed 15 years as of December 31 of the given year, can apply for admission to the College. 

Applicants who wish to be admitted to the college and their parents (their successors, a person authorized by the parents, a guardian) submit a joint application in the name of the Head of the College.

After submitting the documents for admission to the College, the applicants undergo free medical examination in the garrison hospitals of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia according to the place of residence, in accordance with the criteria for officers. The applicants are excluded from the further admission process in case of non-compliance.

Applicants who meet the criteria set by the results of the medical examination take a 20-point competitive test in the subjects of "Armenian Language" and "Mathematics" in order to test the knowledge, abilities, skills set by the subject standards of general education. 

Applicants who meet the criteria set by the results of the medical examination take a competitive test in the subjects of "Armenian Language" and "Mathematics" in order to test the knowledge, abilities, skills fixed by the subject of general education. The questionnaires are developed in accordance with the criteria of the 9th grade final exams of the secondary school, additionally including tasks which test the applicants' language thinking, speech culture, logic, analytical thinking.

At the last stage of admission, a sports-psychological test is conducted to check the applicants' physical fitness, professional orientation and psychological compatibility through a three-day camp.

Applicants who have got the passing score as a result of the total amount of subject testing and sports-psychological testing are admitted to the college. The passing score is set by the examination committee.

The results of the medical examination and subject examinations can be appealed within 24 hours after their publication. The results of the sports-psychological test are not subject to interpretation or appeal. 

From the applicants who have equal results during the admission to the college, preference is given to the following priority:

• to applicants from other military schools;

• to family members of the National Heroes of Armenia, the Heroes of Artsakh, the recipients of the RA and NKR "Combat Cross" Order of the First and Second Degrees;

• to family members of servicemen killed or disabled in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree during combat operations or service duties, or their equals;

• family members of persons involved in combat actions;

• family members of the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia, servicemen who passed the special civil service from the RA Armed Forces, reservists.

The Admissions Committee may establish a waiting list for applicants, which expires on September 15.

The results of the College admission are discussed and summarized by the Admissions Committee, as a result of which a decision on admission is made. The decision of the Admissions Committee is not subject to discussion or change.

Based on the decision of the Admissions Committee, the head of the College signs a contract with the parents (legal representative) for the student to study at the College and orders the admitted citizens as students of the College.