YSMU Faculty of Military Medicine

YSMU Military Medical Faculty was established by the RA Government Decree N232 of May 19, 1994 on the basis of the Chair of Extreme Medicine and the organization of medical service at YSMU.

Admission to FMM was carried out in 1994-1995, recruiting students from the 5th year of medical, pediatric and hygienic faculties of YSMU, and in 1996 from the first year. 

Most of the graduates of the faculty today serve in various military units, central clinical, military, and garrison hospitals, military medical department of the RA Armed Forces, as well as in the military medical faculty as heads of medical units, doctor-specialists, professors, officers and senior officers of the RA Armed Forces.

Students of other faculties of YSMU, as well as clinical residents, receive military and military-medical education in the FMM under the program of a reserve officer. 

FMM cadets undergo clinical practice during the program in Central Clinical Military of the RA Ministry of Defence and Yerevan garrison hospital, military internship in RA Armed Forces and Training gatherings in training military units, participate in RA Armed Forces Military Medical Service trainings and gatherings organized by NATO and CSTO.

The officers, professors and cadets of the faculty actively participate in the public life of YSMU. FMM has created a classroom dedicated to the doctors killed in action. Within the framework of military-patriotic events, the cadets visit Yerablur, Mother Armenia memorials.