Large-scale exercise with the participation of special subdivisions of the Armed Forces

16 September, 2021
The military exercises of the special subdivisions of the Armed Forces continue along the entire eastern and southeastern border of the Republic of Armenia with specially designed operations.

After specifying the course and sequence of combat tasks, the order of cooperation, the servicemen of the special subdivisions proceeded to the fulfillment of their combat training tasks. Special tactical trainings were organized in conditions as close as possible to the combat situation. Actions have been implemented to ambush, attack, detect and destroy potential objects of a conventional enemy, take favorable positions and other actions provided for by the exercise plan.

In another direction, the personnel overcame the difficult terrain, attacked the specially guarded strategic object of the enemy, destroyed the manpower, confiscated the documents and weapons, and returned.

The superior command assessed the course of the military exercises as good: the actions of the subdivisions are harmonious and rapid, the fighting spirit is high.