5 June, 2021 12:13
In connection with the video, under the heading ““What they want, they dot”: Azerbaijanis build roads and trenches in Armenian territories ”, which was broadcast on June 4 on the air of Azatutyun radio station, we declare the following:
Recently, the armed forces of Azerbaijan have repeatedly made attempts to carry out fortification works in the border areas of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border located on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, which, however, were promptly prevented by the appropriate actions of the Armenian subdivisions.

In particular, on June 3, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan tried to carry out earthworks on a tractor in the border zone on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. After the warning shots fired by the Armenian subdivisions, the works were stopped. The Azerbaijani side was presented with a clear demand to exclude the repetition of such attempts.

Nevertheless, the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan continue to carry out engineering and fortification works in those areas where their military bases are located, without crossing the border of the Republic of Armenia. Since these territories and movements carried out by the Azerbaijani military are visible from the village of Verin Shorzha, Gegharkunik region, as well as from the village of Kut, this causes concern of the local population, which is reflected in the report of the Ombudsman.