25 April, 2021
In recent hours, a video has been widely spread on social networks, claiming that "by the order of the current Armenian authorities, in the southeast of Armenia (in Syunik), the Armenian side unilaterally is handing over strategic positions to the Azerbaijani forces". The mentioned information is absolutely false.

The Armenian Armed Forces have not handed over any position to the Azerbaijani side, they are in their positions along the entire border, they are fully fulfilling the assigned tasks.

At the same time, we note with regret that the false information about the armed forces and the distortion of reality are beginning to be purposeful and directed, which can not but cause serious concern. We urge the media in particular not to succumb to the temptation to provide additional views through the dissemination of "scandalous" information and to refrain from actions that could damage the reputation of the armed forces, which every hour solve difficult tasks in the post-war period.